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Right Click the "Download Now" and choose "Save Link As" to save a logo.


 Tax Related Downloads

NonCash Charitable Contributions Form
IFAA Members Only Page

Welcome to the members only section of the website. To the left you'll find IFAA logo downloads for your use; the GIF and JPG files are best used for company websites, or other electronic media. The EPS and TIFF files are both high resolution and can be used for printed media such as your letterhead and business cards.

Also to the left are tax related downloads. Currently there is just the form for Non-Cash Charitable Contributions - if you give art to charity - but we'll be adding more as time permits.


askART.com Special!

As a benefit of your IFAA memebership, you now will receive a 10% discount on a membership in askART.com. Simply fill out IFAA10 in the promotions code area of the sign up for your discount.